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Estate Planning for parents of minor children
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Attorney Edward S. Klemonski

1940 - 2014


Attorney Deborah M. Rose

Attorney Rose practiced law in New York City and Fairfield County, Connecticut, before joining Attorney Klemonski’s practice, where she specializes in estate planning, probate of decedents’ estates, and real estate transactions. She enjoys listening to clients and helping them to attain their personal objectives.


Jessica A. Connolly, Paralegal

Mrs. Connolly enjoys working with clients. She is very detail-oriented and resourceful. You can trust her to get issues sorted out.


Evanthia Bequary, Paralegal

Mrs. Bequary has been serving our clients for over a decade and a half. She specializes in probate of estates and handles office administration for the firm. Mrs. Bequary understands that clients often find a trip to the lawyer’s office something akin to a trip to the dentist’s office, so she always goes the extra mile to help our clients feel welcome and respected.

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